Your Cat’s Physical Exam

Ever wonder what the veterinarian is looking for when examining your cat during a visit?
Here are the major body systems (from nose to tail) that the veterinarian is checking out and what they are looking for on the exam:


  • Nose: Clear nostrils; signs of nasal discharge
  • Eyes: Signs of disease; discharge or tearing; abnormal movement or reaction to light
  • Ears: Signs of ear infection (pain, tenderness, redness, swelling, “yeasty smell”, and discharge); ear mites
  • Mouth: Signs of periodontal disease in teeth and gums; lumps; bad breath
  • Lymph Nodes and Thyroid Glands: Any irregularities or changes in size
  • Heart: Weak or abnormal heart sounds; an abnormally fast or slow rate; irregular beats
  • Lungs: Wheezing; crackling; or other abnormal lung sounds
  • Coat, Skin and Nails: Poor overall quality of coat; lumps and bumps; rashes; areas of hair loss of excessive dander; matted or saliva stained fur; fleas or ticks; callouses; overgrown or ingrown toenails; dehydration
  • Abdomen: Any irregularities in the margins of the liver, spleen, kidneys and bladder; masses or tumors; thickened intestines
  • Legs: Limited range of motion in all limbs; signs of pain or discomfort; grinding sounds in joints
  • Base of Tail: Any abscesses; abnormalities in anal glands; fecal mats; evidence of soft stools; growths; parasites like tapeworm segments and flea dirt

Yearly physical exams are important to your cat’s health. Give us a call at (757) 466-9151 to schedule your cat’s physical exam today!

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