Dec 28 2017

Winter Pet Care Tips

Cold weather has come to Hampton Roads!  Winter poses special risks to pets. Give your pet a safer, healthier cold weather season by following these tips:

  • Keep indoor pets in a dry, warm area free of drafts.  Elevate your pet’s bed off the floor.

  • Provide outside dogs or cats with a dry, insulated pet house or shelter out of the wind. Bring your pet inside if the wind chill or other weather conditions become severe.

  • Staying warm demands extra calories, so feed your pet accordingly when temperatures drop.  Always have fresh, clean water available.

  • Remove ice, salt and caked mud from your pet’s paws and coat at once.

  • Contact your veterinarian immediately if you suspect your pet has frostbite.  Frostbitten skin may turn reddish, white or grey, and it may be scaly or sloughing.

  • Cats and kittens often nap on car engines.  Knock on the hood or honk the horn; then wait a few minutes before starting the car.

  • Pets like the smell and taste of antifreeze, but even a small amount can kill them.  Thoroughly clean up spills at once.  Tightly close antifreeze containers and store them where pets cannot get to them.  For more information about antifreeze poisoning in cats, click here.

 If you have any questions about winter safety for your cat, please call the Cat Hospital at 757-466-9151.


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